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Passion PlayScapes™

The art of creating spaces to play

Soo... what do you do?

Passion PlayScapes(tm) offers creative adult-oriented play space experiences for sensual, erotic, and sexual exploration.Whether your goal is to host an intimate evening for two or a multi-day group event, or anything in between, we work closely with you to help you fulfill your event fantasies. Our custom-designed Passion PlayScapes will leave your guests raving for weeks to come.Using a combination of appropriate furniture, Working closely with your personal PlayScape Expert Consultant, we use a combination of theme-appropriate furniture, accessories, and orientation of all furniture devices, along with ongoing support. We will even work with other services, including catering services, expert sexologist hosts, and other providers to integrate a program that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Why would I rent, rather than buy, play equipment?

Erotic exploration furniture can be expensive, running from several hundreds to thousands of dollars.When you purchase equipment and it is not in use, you often have to store it away for privacy purposes. You likely would prefer to store your equipment away from children, other family and friends who frequent your home.In addition, when you purchase your own equipment, you have to deal with cleanup, necessary repairs, and ongoing maintenance and upkeep. All of this can become quite expensive.In addition, if you are considering purchasing equipment, our service allows you to "try before you buy." Renting furniture pieces for a short time period will help you to determine whether buying is worth your investment.To make things as easy as possible, our furniture and equipment experts offer Playscape White Glove™ service. This includes consultation on equipment selection, delivery, setup, orientation, maintenance when in-use, and removal from your living space.If you determine you do wish to purchase equipment, our Playscape Expert Consultants will serve as your "personal shopper," learning about your needs, exploring available options, and offering final recommendations.

So, how does using your services work?

Working with us is easy!1. First, you will submit a confidential inquiry providing some basic information about you and your preliminary expectations and anticipated needs.2. Upon receipt, your inquiry will be assigned to a PlayScape Expert Consultant, an individual thoroughly aware of all available equipment, options, thematic recommendations, and anticipated needs.3. Your PlayScape Expert Consultant will schedule an appointment to visit with you, review your needs and expectations, answer your questions, and offer a preliminary quote for services.4. Once you have reviewed and signed your agreement, and submitted your required deposit, our Consultant will begin securing your needs, communicating with other vendors, and developing and sending you a proposed PlayScape Plan.5. Once the PlayScape Plan is approved, we will arrange for equipment delivery, setup, and support, including arranging for other services as you require. We request a minimal 2-3 hour window to set up your PlayScape; Additional time may be needed for larger configurations.6. Depending on your needs and the size of your event, we can arrange to have an on-site representative to address any issues and concerns that may arise. Our optional sexologists may also help to manage your event, provide advice and suggestions, and offer information and demonstrations as needed.7. Following your program, we will arrange to enter your space, dismantle and pack up equipment, and answer any post-event questions. Outstanding balances on fees for equipment rental and services are due within one business day.

Our team can even offer training and coaching so you and your loved one(s) can make the moar use of your Pleasure Playscape.

Where to start

Select a preconfigured PlayScape Package, or Build to Your Specialized Needs

Whether you are planning a super-special evening for your life partner, husband or wife, or favorite sexy friend, inviting a small, intimate group of 2-3 couples or 4-6 friends for a theme night or breakaway weekend, or holding a large gathering, workshop, or specialized program for enthusiastic explorers, we have packages just for you.If you already know exactly what piece of furniture or equipment you would like access to to try out before you buy, per-component rental is available as well.We offer daily, weekend (Friday-Sunday) rates, and week-long rate options, all with our Playscape White Glove service, which includes delivery, setup, 15 minute orientation (you must be available at setup), cleanup, removal and return.So all you need to worry about is looking forward to your event or program with your special someone or someones.

Explore Your Options

Pre-configured packages


Our mission and vision for YOU

WE create playscapes for your enjoyment and intimate explorations

More than just a rental service, our team of experts includes sexologists, sex coaches, sexual health experts, intimacy and relationship professionals, and other practitioners who celebrate and appreciate your desires. We honor and celebrate your efforts to expand your life experiences, including your sexuality.Think of us as close, invisible friends and magicians who help you figure out what you need and have astounding experiences that will leave your partner(s), intimate exploration groups, or sex-positive communities raving about what you created for them, building closer bonds of friendship, relationship, and community.


Call us to begin building your ideal PlayScape for exploration!

Our Pleasure Playscape Consultants™ understand the opportunities and possibilities available to you, to help you build your playscape and hold an event to remember for years to come.Submit your inquiry, and one of our friendly, supportive, and dare-we-say FUN consultants will get back to you to help you begin configuring your Passion Playscape™ for a wonderful event or experience!

(Note: To guard against your privacy, if we call you and someone else answers or we must leave a voicemail, we will leave our name as "Peter" or "Patricia." We won't mention where we're calling from, or what we offer. Your cue will be "Peter" or "Patricia"'s voicemail or message with a number to return our call.)